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S.E.R.V.E. - Vinul Cavalerului, Terra Romana & Cuvee. The "LAUTARUL" department for "S.E.R.V.E." wines welcomes you. "LAUTARUL" offers you a wide and very nice range of S.E.R.V.E. Wines. "LAUTARUL" ofers you the favorite wine of S.E.R.V.E. Company
Let’s go back to 1993, Romania. Despite apparently discouraging realities, in less than four years after the revolution, Count Guy de Poix has chosen this country, foreseeing the great quality potential of the Romanian vine-growing regions.
Count Guy de Poix owns 50 ha of vineyards in Corsica and one of the best wine brands of this area, „Domaine Peraldi”. Having this expertise and a lot of self-confidence, he created “Vinul Cavalerului” in 1994. After 12 years from launching, this brand represents the quality guarantee in Romania.
S.E.R.V.E. (The European-Romanian Society for Exquisite Wines) was the first and for a few years, the only private company in Romanian wine business. Both the shareholders, the majority being French vine growers, and S.E.R.V.E. team, have made all efforts and used all their knowledge for promoting the company’s motto: QUALITY.
The range of products has become wider by launching the “Terra Romana” brand, made of carefully selected wines, dedicated to the most refined tastes and distributed exclusively in HORECA and on export markets.
Founded in 1994 by Count Guy Tyrel de POIX, French wine producer (owner of 50 ha of vineyards in Corsica and heir of an old French noble family which was the owner of the Piper-Heidsiek champagne), S.E.R.V.E. has started its activity as a distributor of Romanian wines, bottled under its own brand: Vinul Cavalerului.
Since the beginning, the main goal was to promote Romanian wines on foreign markets and to change the image of these wines on the domestic market. The reality of the ’90s brought into discussion the lack of a constant supply of quality wines. Thus, the founder, Mr. Guy Tyrel de Poix, decided that the company’s strategy should consist of the following development stages:
- in 1995 - establishment of the cellar and first vinification
- in 1998 - starting viticulture
- in 2000 - setting up the new first plantation
- in 2001 - setting up the new winery
- in 1999 - first Cuvee: blend of reds aged in new oak bariques for 8 months
- in 2005 - beginning of the creation of our new range of wine, Terra Romana, limited edition, exclusive to restaurants
The first crop of grapesfrom the Dealu Mare vineyardwas processedin 1995 in the Ceptura wine cellar and since, winemaking technological improvements have been madeevery year, together with conditioning, stocking and bottling modernization. All improving steps came from constant care to preserve the quality and consistency, so specific to the S.E.R.V.E. wines.
Currently, the Romanian investment is over 2.5 million euros for a 15.000 hl winery, 80 ha of vineyard (one to eight years old) and a bottling line of 2.000 bt / hour. We forecast that in the next three to five years all the land we have in full property will be planted, reaching a total of 130 ha.
Since grapes are the starting point for a good wine, we particularly focus on choosing the vineyards that are well adapted for various types of grapes and we pay special attention when deciding the moment to harvest the grapes and to the preservation of the grapes during transportation (they are picked up in 13 to 250 kg cases and transported at a temperature of 10°C in cooling trucks).
Dealu Mare - Ceptura
The vine-growing center from Urlati-Ceptura is part of the Dealu Mare vineyard, together with Boldesti, Valea Calugareasca, Tohani, Cricov, all located in the Prahova district. Also in Dealu Mare are centers as Breaza, Pietroasa, Merei, Zoresti in Buzau district. , The entire region benefits from an ancient and rich vine growing tradition as well as from a Bordeaux like climate.
Except from the vineyards in Boldesti, Cricov and Breaza, all the other six centers enjoy favorable circumstances regarding the growing of superior red wines varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Feteasca neagra, Pinot noir, Merlot and Burgund mare). Apart from the vineyard Cricov, all the other eight are growing superior white wines varieties (Feteasca alba, Riesling, Pinot gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Feteasca regala and Muscat Ottonel).
Minis - Maderat
This is a traditional vineyard, become famous ever since the XV century. It is located 20 km east from Arad city. It includes the vine growing centers Minis (where the most important vineyards are Paulis, Cuvin, Ghioroc, Baratca, Siria) and Maderat (with the vineyards Pincota, Silindia, Mocrea).
Minis is the furthest vine-growing center to the north, where we may still feel the influence of the Adriatic climate that the vine growing areas from Banat benefit from. This leads to significant ecoclimatic differences between the two centers: Minis and Maderat.
At Minis, there is a predominance of grapes for high quality red wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir, Cadarca, Merlot, Burgund mare), followed by the grape varieties meant for superior white wines (Italian Riesling, Feteasca regala, Muscat Ottonel).
The winemaking center Cocealag is, along with Mihai Viteazu, Corbu and Tariverde are part of the Babadag vineyard in Constanta County.
The grape varieties are mainly focused on the production of superior red wines, using the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir, Merlot and Burgund mare.
The grape varieties for superior white wines are different to each vineyard, and are represented by Pinot Gris, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.
Wine Cellar
After an early period (1995-2001), during which we worked with our own equipments and tools installed in an already existing wine cellar in Ceptura, we have built our own wine cellar in the same village, on a piece of land of 1.2 ha, leased in 1998 for 99 years from the Ceptura City Hall.
The construction of the wine cellar has started in 2000, the first bottling was performed in 2001, and the first harvest was processed in 2002. The particular feature of the SERVE’s cellar is its robustness combined with flexibility, given by the combination between modern and traditional techniques and equipments. The investment rises to a total of 1.500.000 Euros, most of it coming from the shareholders of the company. In 2005, we completed the white grapes processing capacity with 2700 hl in stainless steel tanks. In 2007 we added an air-conditioned storage capacity (hall with 2000 hl capacity in stainless steel tanks) as well as a 250 sq m hall for oak barrels in total capacity of 1000 hl.
- Processing capacity: 1 500 t grapes (10 000hl)
- Storage: 14 700 hl
- Bottling: 2 000 bottles/hour

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