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Here you'll find love stories, encyclopedias, crime-stories and classic books out of the literary history. Read these books and cultivate your language and culture. The "LAUTARUL"-library welcomes you For clients who like to read books in Romanian language "LAUTARUL" offers a high range of classic and up to date books . Here at "LAUTARUL" you'll find international bestsellers, love stories and crime stories which have been translated from other languages into Romanian. When we selected our book range we couldn't get past the clasic Romanian books which surely strained the days and nights of some of you during your highschool time, because you were obliged to read these books.

"LAUTARUL" gives you the possibility to read these books in a more relaxed way without any obligations. Please check our literaty-range. You'll surely find some books which satisfy your demands. Our literaty-range is permanently enlarged. We invite you to visit us regularly to see what's new. If you are looking for a book which you cannot find here, please let us know and we will do our best to satisfy you.

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