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"LAUTARUL" offers you wide and very nice range of Beverage.
Timisoreana, Ursus, Zarea, Biborteni, Borsec, Visinata, Belin Tea, Slivovitz, Bitter, ...
Angelli "Spumante & Aperitive" We welcome you at the "LAUTARUL" beverage store In this section you'll find a lot of distinct Romanian beverage-specialities. Choose your favourite beverage out of our wide range of products. If you like to celebrate a wedding, the cristening of your child or any other event with Romanian specialities like sausages, Wine we can provide you a complete party-package. The respective music will also be delivered by "LAUTARUL". Write a mail to us or call us. We will prepare an offer and a suitable party-package for you. With this decision you will surely surprise and satisfy your guests. Of course you will have a price profit if you order a higher quantity.

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