payment options

Payment Options


"Abholung" means that you execute your order by choosing the delivery option "Abholung". After you realize the order we prepare the order generally in the time of 48 hours. After 48 hours your order is prepared and you can come to our depository (Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 4, 76437 Rastatt, Germany) and pick up the ordered items. We recommend the delivery option "Abholung" especially for people who live in Rastatt or close to Rastatt.



"Nachnahme" means that the package is delivered to your home via the DPD. You pay the invoice value to the DPD-deliverer. Nachnahme means cash on delivery.


"PayPal" for all customers with PayPal account.


"Spedition" option for our Wholesalers.


"Vorkasse" means that you pay your order in advance. As soon as we receive the invoice-value on our account, your order will be sent. "Vorkasse" is the most advantageous delivery option, the additional fees for the cash on delivery service must not be paid.

Please transferre the invoice-value to following account:
Destinator: Lautarul OHG, Rastatt, Germany
Volksbank Baden-Baden / Rastatt
Acount No.: 308 823 00
Bank-code: 662 900 00

For transferre from abroad
IBAN: DE40662900000030882300